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Directory of COVID-19 Support Information and Resources

The directory is about collective information about the services & support provided in Auckland and Hamilton in relation to COVID-19 to help for those who need support or those organizations supporting their clients or make a referral.

It includes food bank/ accommodation/ financial support/ mental health & wellbeing including family violence/ suicide/ support for seniors, people with disabilities, childcare, women, men, young people, LGBTQI.

As the migrants or new settlers, the issue of how to settle well and access to the social service providers is significant. Failure of this process often causes us experienced unnecessary or avoidable emotional/mental health suffering. The service providers listed below would help you to get some practical support for  your settlement.

 Citizen Advice Bureau (CAB): Provide general information and help people to know thier rights
 inforNow: A free service providing information to migrants settling in New Zealand, in their preferred language

Employment New Zealand has up to date information on these points and much more useful information. We will let you know when new pieces of information or changes related to employment are published.

 Language Line (Office of Ethnic Affairs, OEA)
 The office of Ethnic Communties: Provide information, advice and services to, and for, ethnic communities as a government's principal advisor on ethnic diversity

 English language partner NZ: Teach English for work and everyday life in New Zealand

Auckland Library: Great range of books, learning resources, events, Auckland's heritage and more

 Belong Aotearoa (former ARMRS)

 Asian Family Services: Provide counselling for Asian affected gambling harm and family support


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